If you have criminal convictions or arrests that you want to have taken off the public record, the laws have just changed in your favor. You may be able to have your criminal conviction record expunged, even if you multiple have misdemeanor and felony convictions across several counties.

Also, you can seal arrest records that did not result in a conviction.

Gemma and Karimi have successfully helped many individuals in several Indiana counties file petitions to expunge criminal records under Indiana’s Expungement Law. From simple arrests that did not result in convictions, to misdemeanors and major felonies convictions, Gemma and Karimi Law can help you erase your past. Get the Fresh Start YOU Deserve.

We at Gemma & Karimi understand how difficult it can be to secure gainful employment in this already tough economy with convictions on your criminal record, or how frustrating it can be to not have the same gun rights as others because of your past.

Having these these public records expunged will make it so you can honestly answer at a job interview “I have not been convicted of any crime”. Let us explain to you how. We understand that it can be hard for anyone to have to explain their past; FINALLY, under the new and current law, you may once and for all be able to put your past behind you.

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