Being charged with drunk driving is a stressful and often embarrassing experience. What can make matters worse is the fact that often times, the prosecutor on your case is a DUI prosecutor. All he or she does is prosecute DUI Crimes. Worse still, officers who make DUI arrests are often officers dedicated just for making DUI arrests. You may find yourself in an unfamiliar situation against Government lawyers and DUI Task force officers who do this for a living. Shouldn’t you have someone equally or more experienced on your side?

​Attorney Kevin Karimi was one of those DUI Prosecutors for years. Having started prosecuting general misdemeanors, Attorney Karimi transferred into the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office DUI unit. After spending over a year prosecuting DUI misdemeanors, he was then promoted to Felony DUI Prosecution. Attorney Karimi was one of three deputy prosecutors in the entire county who was responsible for prosecuting felony DUI cases.

​Now that Attorney Karimi has put prosecution behind him for good, he has taken that knowledge and experience and is using it to defend the accused. If you find yourself being charged by the State of Indiana with drunk driving, you want to hear advice from someone who knows first hand what you’re up against. Call Attorney Karimi today at 317-602-5970 for a free consultation.

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